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Chocolate Race Details  (Top)

2016 Registration Opens on All Hallow's Eve!!!

2015 RACE RESULTS - 5k Results 10k Results

Questions about your results?



The "Mini-Mom" SUPERHERO Chocolate Races  (Top)

The "Run with my SuperMom Pint Size" 1 km Chocolate Race

The "Run for my SuperMom" 2.5 km Chocolate Trail Race

Grab your cape, start working out your Super Power and watch as our "Mini-Mom: chocolate Races transform itself into the "Mini-Mom" SUPERHERO Chocolate Races 2016

MINI Chocolate Races produced by Monkey See Monkey Do Martial Arts Training

Race Kit Pickup (Top)

Saturday May 7th, Times to be determined
Sunday May 8th, 8:00 a.m. to 20 minutes before start of each race

Kit pickup location to be announced closer to race date

DIRECTIONS for kit pickup 2015

Can I pickup my friend's registration kit?
Yes. You must give us a letter stating your full name & the names of the persons whose kits you are picking up. Please note that you in turn become responsible for the swag, bib number and timing device of your friends. The REPLACEMENT cost of a bib and timing device are $20 on race day.

Do I pick up a race kit for the 2.5k or 1k kids runs?

Chocolate  (Top)

chocolate strawberry

On Course
It's been a tradition to have Moyer's Apple Farm (Niagara Peninsula farmers) serve chocolate-covered strawberries/marshmellows as a treat for all runners..

Finish Line
Continue your indulgence and refuel your body with chocolate milk.

Post-Race (Top)

Now it's time to celebrate! At the finish you will indulge in creamy and dreamy chocolate truffles, beyond-decadent chocolate croissants and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate fudge!

Hey! There's more...sink your teeth into one of Moyer's chocolate dipped apples at the finish line. They're sweet, crispy and we're giving one out to every finisher!



Chocolate Martini 2016 (Top)

Post Race Martini
It's been a tradition to serve chocolate martinis at our finish line as a sweet little reward for reaching your goal.

Taste testing for 2016 is in progress! Stay tuned for updates. Check our Facebook page for tasting updates.

The chocolate martini is available to registered runners of legal drinking age in the Province of Ontario. Please bring photo i.d.

Martini "house" is at Grantham Lion's Hall, across from the race start/finish.


Training (Top)

Training Clinics - Tracey from Grimsby's "The Happy Li'll Sweat Club"

The Chocolatey Finish 5k Training Group

Chocolate lovers of all levels are welcome to join in on our weekly training group. The group meets @ 9:30 am and is a drop-in format ( $5.00 per drop in visit).  For more information regarding location of The Happy L'll Sweat Club (we meet in and around the Grimsby area) and to let me know if you are participating please contact Tracey: samuraiwarriorprincess@gmail.com

Ms. Tracey also teaches martial arts to children, directs the kids Chocolate races and is the Motivational Health and Fitness Chick for the Happy L'll Sweat Club.


Directions (Top)

Location: St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada (22.6 km/14 miles from Niagara Falls)


Race Kit Pickup, Saturday & Sunday (click here for more information on kit pickup)
Location to be determined for 2016.

From Toronto

From Niagara falls/U.S.A.

Accommodation (Top)

Hotels/Motels/B&Bs, 5 to 7 km from Race Start/Finish
Capri Inn
Days Inn
Best Western
Comfort Inn
Bed & Breakfasts-Port Dalhousie


We're a little partial to the Twenty Valley Wineries in the Jordan/Beamsville/Grimsby area as they're lesser known than the wineries of Niagara on the Lake. Be sure to check out the underground winery at Megalomaniac and please, please, please get involved in a little Organized Crime before you leave Niagara!

Of course, you could rent a bike in Niagara on the Lake and get a little pickled visiting these fabulous wineries: http://wineriesofniagaraonthelake.com/!


Results (Top)







Photos (Top)


Stories (Videos & Blogs) (Top)


Medal Head

Redemption Tastes Like Chocolate

Spring Fling


The Real Victory - The Moose Pyjama Chronicles


mmmondays (Top)

Join us every Monday on our FACEBOOK Page to win CHOCOLATE!
That's right! We're making Mondays a little more mmmarvelous with chocolate giveaways. Be the first to answer our trivia contest and the chocolate is yours! Go here to access our FACEBOOK Page.


Cocoa Farmers Future Initiative (Top)

Cocoa Farming Future Initiative


Starting in 2014, a portion of race proceeds will go to support Grenada's Cocoa Farmers Future Initiative. This initiative aids cocoa growers in re-establishing their forest gardens after the devestating hurricanes of 2004 and 2005. It also helps them add value to their crops, encourage the next generation of growers and maintain the island's biodiversity on which the cocoa crop depends.

We love this grassroots initiative because donations make a direct impact. It can help a farmer bring their cocoa beans to market and learn about organic farming practices. Cocoa can only grow in small areas around the equator so as the folks from CFFI Grenada say "Let's help keep cocoa healthy & delicious!"


FAQ (Top)

Why Chocolate and running?
Because the organizers seriously believe that life is darn short, running will always be hard & my god, chocolate tastes damn good! So if your focus is on the win and not the chocolate, or your knickers are regularly knotty (not "naughty"), come back some other time when you feel like living it up - in the sweetest way possible!

Is any of your chocolate dairy, gluten or peanut free?
Sorry, we can NOT guarantee that any of our chocolate from our suppliers is dairy, gluten or peanut free.

I'm looking for a traditional race, are you it?
No way - there are a gazillion races you can choose from out there so if you're looking for the standard race setup, this is not the race for you! Although this race has traditional distances (5k, 10k), our goal is to make it as fun as possible all in the name of "celebrating the good - and sweet life."

Are men allowed?
For sure - men tell us they do The Chocolate Race because they either love chocolate themselves or they love the 800 some women that do the race!

Are baby joggers, roller blades or bikes allowed?
Sorry, due to the nature of the course, baby joggers, roller blades or bikes are NOT allowed.

How do I register?
Please make sure you famliarize yourself with the race by going through this website BEFORE you register. You then have two options to register:

1. Online with visa or mastercard (link opens on October 31st)

2. Mail in your registration - If you do mail in your registration, it must reach us the week BEFORE the race for your name to appear on the Confirmation List. Otherwise, your registration form will be treated as a "day-of" entry. Form available starting on October 31st.

Where do I find confirmation of my registration?
Whether you have entered online or mailed-in your registration, confirmation can be found on this list (Mailed registration forms will be entered in this list within 5 business days AFTER THEY ARE RECEIVED): LINK TO CONFIRMATION PROVIDED STARTING ON OCTOBER 31ST

Can I register on the day-of?
Please note that Online registration typically closes on the Wednesday or Thursday before the race. Mail-in registrations will be entered into the Online Database up until one week before race date. We typically have day-of registration unless an event is sold out. Registraton status updates will be posted ON THIS PAGE.

Can I switch events?
You can switch events up to the week BEFORE race date by sending us an email (sinful@thechocolaterace.com). Race day switches are subject to availability of space in an event.

What happens if I can't race?
Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable to future years. Due to limitations with insurance, we no longer allow bibs to be transferred from one runner to another. You are most welcome to still pick up your race kit (for the shirt!), and use your bib to enter "Chocolate Avenue" at the Start/Finish starting at ~11 a.m but we will not mail you your race swag if you can not pick up the items yourself.

Can I pickup my friend's registration kit?
Yes. You must give us a letter stating your full name & the names of the persons whose kits you are picking up. Please note that you in turn become responsible for the swag, bib number and timing device of your friends. The REPLACEMENT cost of a bib and timing device are $20 on race day.

When do I Receive my Winner's Award?
Awards will be presented at the finish line at Malcolmson Eco Park after racers have had a chance to review and query results. YOU MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE TO RECEIVE YOUR AWARD.

I think my finishing time is incorrect or I am missing from the results. Who do I contact?

Please be ready to provide the following information:
Full Name &
Bib Number
Event (5k, 10k)
Location of Timing Device (On shoe, On shorts, On Bib, In pocket, Other)
Estimated Finish Time (HH:MM:SS)
How you estimated your finish time (Time on clock; Your watch from start line to finish; The name of a runner you finished near)

Media (Top)

Current Press Releases (Top)

February 5, 2014 The Chocolate Race: For folks that love living and everything that comes with it...read here

Media Excerpts (Top)

Run [this] race to earn more than just a finisher's medal
Runner's World Magazine

This is no ordinary race
Irish Independent

Best race for a sweet tooth

Why run it? For a sugar fix.
Runner's World Magazine

Will run for chocolate.
Ottawa Citizen

It takes a kid in the candy store to the next level.

Some people run to work off their sweets consumption. In Port Dalhousie this weekend, they will pound the pavement to indulge it.
St. Catharines Standard

And that's the beauty of the chocolate race. We have a blast, a great workout, and we get to taste sweet rewards.
Niagara Life Magazine

First you revel in a day of chocolate indulgence, then you run a half-marathon - and reward yourself afterward with more chocolate.
Good Times Magazine

Media Articles/Blogs (Top)

AOL Travel Boston Marathon Too Square for You? Try These 8 Fun Runs

Alive Magazine Get down & dirty!
The Irish Independent...well we think it's just so COOL that they thought about the Chocolate Race in the first place!
Get Out There Magazine says we're one of Canada's Top 10 Themed Races!
Spry puts us as one of "The Best Running Races for People Who Hate to Run"
GREATist.com puts us on a list of "The 21 Most Incredible Themed Races!"
Fox News Network says "We're just plain ol' crazy!"
What Travel Writers Say
Facing the Street
W-ESPN: Five races that take food beyond fuel
WanderFood Wednesday: Will Run for Chocolate

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Logo - web version

Logo - print version

Tourism St. Catharines

Spectrum of media outlets that have covered The Chocolate Race: (Top)

chocolate race media coverage

Media Contact

The Chocolate Race
Andrea Lynn Sloan

Course (Top)

The 2016 course is the same as the 2015 course.

What does this mean?

***New in 2015 - Starting Line Corrals
Information on starting corrals to be updated shortly. Within each corral, runners assign themselves a starting position:

"Speedies" at the front of the lineup
"Speed Chasers" mid-lineup
"Chocolate Addicts" end of the starting lineup

2015 course map


Note: The elevation profile was created in Map My Run and does not reflect an accurate view of the return portion of the course. Please refer to link above "2015 Course Map." Also note the elevation profile is entitled "2013 Chocolate Race." The same profile applies to future years.

View Elevation on Mapmyrun

Contact (Top)

Turbo Turtle Running
264 Belmont Ave
Hamilton, ON
L8L 7M8